Kosaka, Akita | VLOG-015


Featuring the “One of the most beautiful villages in Japan”, Kosaka-machi, Akita.

A beautiful old mining town with lush green rice fields in the summer, situated and sharing boundaries with Aomori prefecture via the Towada Lake, has variety of attractions for visitors to the area.

The town has been preserved its Meiji-era atmosphere with the town center defined by the 100-Year Meiji Road with tree-lined on it’s side which includes the Mine Museum, Tenshikan and the Korakukan theatre. For nature and photography lovers, the out of town experience in the vast Lake Towada is recommended with its famous tranquil power hike through its waterfall and gorge path.

The town is also chosen as “One of the 100 hidden towns in Japan”. Kosaka is home to the Akita Inaka School, a Japanese Language School where you can learn Japanese and the same time experience the local culture and use what you have learned in the class and apply it to the real world by interacting with tons of activities with the Japanese locals in Kosaka.

Visit their website for more information about their courses and online lessons! https://akitainakaschool.com/

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